Ultimate Packing List for a Magical Day at Disneyland!

A list of “gadgets & gizmos” that will come in handy during your day at “The Happiest Place on Earth.”

Congratulations! Your tickets are purchased and your plans are made! I like to be prepared, so naturally, I always put together a bag of items I might need during any of my trips. Here is a list of clothing, necessities, gizmos, and gadgets I like to pack for a magical day at Disneyland. I have also discovered from many past trips items that aren’t particularly necessary but are extremely convenient and helpful.

Pack Your Backpack

To start, you will need a good bag to keep all your supplies. If you are like me, you also end up carrying everyone else’s stuff. This stylish RFID-blocking backpack is a great option. It’s also not “too” big so as not to weigh you down when it ultimately fills up. On rides, you will often have to remove your backpack and place it in a compartment or under your legs, and this one is a great size for that.

Buy it on Amazon: RFID-Blocking Backpack

Don’t Take Your Feet for Granted!

You will be walking a lot during your Disney vacation, I mean A LOT. I highly suggest treating yourself and your feet to some comfortable shoes. You’ll be walking on clouds with these kicks, giving you all the comfort without sacrificing style. Don’t worry, they come in all types of colors and patterns to choose from.

You might also consider bringing extra socks with you to the park. There are a few water rides that will splash, or ultimately soak you depending on where you are sitting, and no one likes walking around in soggy socks.

Buy it on Amazon: Hey Dudes

Stay Wonderfully Warm!

The mornings and nights can be a bit crisp in California, and you’ll be happy to have a great sweatshirt with you. This unisex sweatshirt is super comfortable, long enough for tall folks like me, and comes in many colors! It’s also an excellent option for those of you who like to DIY with your Disney-style design.

Buy it on Amazon: Russell Athletic Hoodie

Bring the Shade!

It’s unlikely to have bad weather in California, but you never know. Being prepared is always a good idea. Bringing an umbrella is not only for bad weather but will provide you with your on-the-go shady spot when the sun just won’t quit. If you get stuck in a line with no cover, you will be thankful for your handy travel umbrella.

Buy it on Amazon: Repel Travel Umbrella

Don’t Forget Sunglasses!

In sunshiny California, sunglasses are always a must! These sunglasses bridge the gap between super cheap and overly expensive. You will enjoy their UV protection, durability, and stylish design. They come in multiple colors for your choosing!

Buy it on Amazon: Blenders Sunglasses

Tame Your Mane!

If you are anything like me, you’re probably thinking, I don’t carry a brush with me as it is, why do I need to bring one to Disneyland? Well, I’ll tell you! Whether you upgrade your ticket to include the Photopass or are taking your own photos throughout the day, you will probably want to tame your mane at some point. You will encounter all kinds of rides, some will get your hair wet, embrace it and prepare for the hot mess that follows!

Buy it on Amazon: Wet Brush Mini Hairbrush

Prepared for Anything!

A helpful item you will want to pack in your cute new backpack is a convenient mini first aid kit. This one is optional because Disneyland has first aid stations around the park, just follow the signs or ask a cast member. However, if you have room in your bag it’s nice to have a few things on hand so you don’t have to waste time finding a simple bandaid or pain reliever. Here is a great option!

You might want to add blister bandaids to your first aid kit. They are nice to have on hand if your feet just can’t take all the walking, and you forgot to invest in comfy shoes.

Buy it on Amazon: Mini First Aid Kit

Stay Hydrated!

Avoid buying bottles of water at the park and bring your reusable bottle. This Simple Modern one is great! I would suggest filling it to the rim with ice (and water) before entering the park. The park has water fountains around the park for free refills. Buying bottles of water throughout the day can and will get expensive, and staying hydrated is important!

If your reusable water bottle does not fit in the side pocket of your new backpack, try using a carabiner to clip it onto the handle or strap. I suggest the top handle so it hangs off the back and doesn’t smack your leg as you walk. They also come in handy for a multitude of other things, for example, shopping bags full of souvenirs.

Buy it on Amazon: Reusable Water Bottle

Keep Your Devices Juiced Up!

You won’t regret bringing a portable power bank with you to keep your devices charged throughout your day. You will be taking lots of pictures, and your phone or camera is bound to run low. This one is nice and slim, with plenty of power for multiple devices without sacrificing space in your backpack.

Don’t forget a mini lightning cable that won’t tangle in your bag.

Buy it on Amazon: Anker Portable Charger

Selfies Just Got A Lot Easier!

If you have ever tried to take a selfie, pushing the shutter button while getting the angle you want can be tricky. This handy little Bluetooth shutter button (usually with a selfie stick) will make it a lot easier. Learning from experience, Disneyland does not allow selfie sticks into the park. They WILL confiscate it, but you can pick it up from them when you leave. The good thing about this one is you don’t need a selfie stick to use it.

Buy it on Amazon: Bluetooth Shutter Button

Fit More in the Frame!

Ditch the bulky camera! This small compact lens attachment for your phone’s camera will allow you to get more out of your photos. With a wide-angle, you can fit more scenery into your photos as well as the whole family!

Buy it on Amazon: Phone Camera Lens Attachment

Get More Out of Your Photos!

So, I know I said selfie sticks aren’t permitted in the park. However, you can make the argument that this is a tripod, not a selfie stick because it does not extend. Capture photos like a pro with this bendable tripod, it’s handy that’s for sure. It not only works with your iPhone but a GoPro as well.

Buy it on Amazon: Compact Grip Tripod

Feel Like Splurging!?

Here are a couple of bonus items I have included for those of you who want to make the ABSOLUTE most out of your Disneyland vacation, and aren’t on a budget.

Track Your Steps & More!

Going to Disneyland means you will be on your feet for most, if not all day! The way I see it, the more steps I take the more treats I can have throughout the day, and a step tracker makes it easy. This Amazon fitness tracker not only tracks steps, but calories burned, it includes the date, time, and more.

Buy it on Amazon: Amazfit Smart Watch


If you are someone who enjoys documenting every single aspect of your trip and is willing and able to go the extra mile, treat yourself to a GoPro. You will appreciate the quality and capacity of these little powerhouse cameras, not to mention it’s waterproof.

Give yourself a little peace of mind by including a protective case for your new GoPro.

Buy it on Amazon: GoPro Hero10

Don’t underestimate the power of being prepared. I find practical preparedness keeps my stress levels low, and NO ONE wants to be stressed on vacation! Give yourself the gift of being calm and collected, by taking advantage of this list of things you’ll want to have with you in the parks. You’ll thank yourself later.

Now that you have everything you need, it’s time to plan your itinerary. Don’t know where to start, try my guide, How to Plan a Magical Day at “The Happiest Place on Earth!”

This post includes affiliate links, and as an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases at no cost to you. I always do my best to include only quality items that I, myself, have or would invest in. Each Item I have chosen has at least 4 stars and quality reviews.

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