The Ultimate Packing List for a Weekend on the River!

Spend Your Vacation Relaxing on the River, in Central Texas.

If you are looking for a unique summer vacation location, try making your way to one of the many spring-fed rivers in Central Texas. Whether you choose San Marcos’ Blanco river, New Braunfels’ Guadalupe and Comal rivers, or Concan’s Frio river, to name a few, you will need a few things to make your trip complete.

I have put together a list of quality items and gear that will make you feel like a pro when relaxing on the water. Whether you find a great spot on the river bank or float the river, you’ll love what I have for you to bring.

We’ll All Float On

Get ready to leisurely drift down the river with your friends and family with a cold drink in your hand and a smile on your face! In order to float the river properly, you’ll need a sturdy tube. My favorite tubes are the Intex River Run tubes. I have been using them for years and they hold up well!

Buy on Amazon: Intex River Run

Keep it Chill

It is essential you have access to a cold drink while you float. You have a couple of options when it comes to coolers on the river. You can buy one of these cool, convenient floating coolers or you can go with a classic hard cooler. If you go with the hard cooler, your ice will last longer, however, it will need its own tube to float in. Don’t forget to strap it in.

Buy on Amazon: Intex Mega Chill

Soak it Up

You will be sitting in the nice cool water all day, so you will need something to help you dry off, or at least keep the seats in your car dry for the ride home. Get yourself a nice oversized towel for when you get off the river. Don’t forget to leave it in the car so it doesn’t get wet.

Buy on Amazon: Oversized Beach Towel

Stay Shady

You won’t want to forget your sunglasses during your float! A nice UV protecting pair is always a good idea for protecting your peepers from the hot sun. Trust me, you’ll be grateful for the eye protection.

Buy on Amazon: Blenders Sunglasses

No Worries

You’ll inevitably want to bring a few things that you won’t like getting wet. Keep your valuables dry with a good waterproof bag. Don’t forget to strap it to your tube so it doesn’t get lost. If you want to be able to use your phone without the worry of dropping it in the water try a waterproof phone lanyard.

Buy on Amazon: Dry Bag

Bring the Noise

Your float will be incomplete without music! Invest in a great waterproof speaker with great sound capabilities. Everyone in your group will be able to enjoy the music with this awesome Bose speaker. Yet another thing you will want to make sure is tied onto your tube or the cooler tube, so it doesn’t get lost.

Buy on Amazon: Bose SoundLink

Keep Your Cool

It is essential to keep your drink nice and cold while you are drinking it, trust me the Texas sun will warm that drink up in a matter of minutes. These can coolers make sure your drink stays cold from the first sip to the last. If slim cans aren’t for you, there are normal-size can coolers for you as well.

Buy on Amazon: Brumate Can Cooler

Pack Your Bag

You will want a great bag to pack all your items for your trip to the river. This is another thing you’ll want to keep in the car with everything you will need for preparing for the river and for when you get off the river. For example, your towel, sunscreen, change of clothes, etc.

Buy on Amazon: Mesh Beach Bag

Post Up

Sometimes you might just feel like staying in one place while enjoying the river. If floating the river isn’t for you, simply find a great spot to post up for the day. I like finding a great shallow spot where I can put my chair in the water and relax. The great thing is all the items I have already suggested will work for both scenarios, even the tubes. Just tie them to a nearby tree or heavy rock and float in place.

Buy on Amazon: Coleman Folding Chairs

Keep it Extra Chill

If you decide the floating cooler isn’t for you because it’s important that your ice doesn’t melt too quickly, this Igloo is a great cooler for your river trip. Whether you are posted up on the riverbank or relaxing in a tube, a great cooler could make your trip that much better! Also, if you are floating, it’s a perfect size to fit in its own tube.

Buy on Amazon: Igloo Cooler

It’s All Fun & Games

If you went with hanging out on the river bank, bringing a little extra entertainment is a great idea. Corn Hole is always a hit and this one is nice a light for traveling with.

Buy on Amazon: Travel Corn Hole

No matter how you choose to spend your time at the river, you can’t go wrong with my ultimate packing list. Your trip will benefit, and so will your peace of mind! Whatever you decide, the rivers in central Texas are great spots for spending time with friends and family for a fun, easy vacation. Don’t forget to go with the flow, just like the rivers do, and just enjoy yourself!

This post includes affiliate links, and as an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases at no cost to you. I always do my best to include only quality items that I, myself, have or would invest in. Each Item I have chosen has at least 4 stars and quality reviews.

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