Your Ultimate Honeymoon Gift Registry

What to Add to Your Honeymoon Gift Registry for One-of-a-Kind Memories that Last a Lifetime!

It’s becoming more and more common for couples to register for their honeymoon after getting engaged. If you are like me, my fiancé and I were living together before we got engaged, so we already had quite a few of our necessities. PLUS, we were already planning on downsizing to an RV, making our registry list that much smaller. With less space for “things” we decided it made a lot of sense to register for our honeymoon as well as a small Amazon Wedding Registry for the RV (for those who are uncomfortable with the concept of giving money towards someone’s honeymoon).

The way I see it, your honeymoon is your first adventure as a married couple. It holds a lot of significance. You will look back on it for the rest of your lives and hold it close to your hearts. I know, I know! Planning a wedding has me all mushy. :)

Honeymoon Registry | Top 10 Gifts:

Campground [or Hotel] Reservations

Picking where you will spend your nights is an important part of planning a road trip, and often one of the largest expenses you will encounter. On your honeymoon registry, let your guests know where you plan on staying so they can contribute to your accommodations. I treat each night like its own gift, for example, if the campground is $75 per night and we plan on staying 3 nights that’s 3 separate gifts. Traveljoy lets you break it down even more if you want to and will do the math for you.

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Souvenir Christmas Ornaments

This is a great one for those who like mementos. At each major destination, we will choose the perfect ornament to commemorate our experiences, building a collection for our first Christmas as husband and wife. Christmas Ornaments are great for your registry because it results in a physical item you will be able to show to the guest that contributed.

Souvenir Magnets

Another great one for those who like mementos. Along the way, we will pick up magnets to commemorate our destinations. Years from now, we will be able to look back at all the places we’ve been with a fridge full of memories. Magnets are also great for your registry because your guest’s contribution will result in a physical item you will have forever.

Romantic Dinners at Various Destinations

No matter how long you plan your trip, you will need to plan for meals. With the help of Yelp, we registered for specific restaurants that fit our interests. The more specific you are the easier it is for your guests to see they are investing in something special.

An Anniversary Bottle of Wine

We are going wine tasting so we will be able to choose a nice bottle of wine for us to enjoy on our first wedding anniversary.

Wine Tasting

We are a couple of winos so naturally, we will flock to the vineyards at some point during our honeymoon. It doesn’t necessarily have to be wine, you could include distilleries, breweries, olive oil refineries, etc. Whatever fits your tastebuds.

Local Attractions

This could range from the largest yarn ball in the world to the national parks. These days almost everywhere has an admission cost, so do your research.

Monterey Bay Aquarium

I can’t wait to show my new husband the Monterey Bay Aquarium! I have been there a few times growing up thanks to my grandparents living on the west coast, and I will say it is one of, if not THE best aquariums in the US. You could also include admission to museums you would like to visit as well.

Disneyland [Amusement Park] Tickets!!!

Theme parks are a great way to let loose and get silly, giving you both a break from adulting before you officially begin your new life together. Disneyland is my personal favorite, especially since we are headed west.

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Rental Equipment

If you like to be active, rental equipment is also a great option to add to your registry. Some options include Electric Bikes, Surf Boards, Beach Cruisers, etc.

Romantic Picnics at Scenic Locations

A great gift to add would be groceries for a romantic picnic. We mentioned our plan to shop at local farmer’s markets when they are available. A beach during sunset is a great place and time for a picnic.

BONUS Items for ANY Honeymoon Vacation

I have included a few things you’ll enjoy having with you on your honeymoon. Whether it be for documenting your trip or simply staying hydrated you’ll be grateful to include a few of these beneficial items.

Don’t be afraid to plan the honeymoon of your dreams! Just remember, you will receive most of your gifts from the month of to the day of your wedding. I was able to find a few places that took partial payments for reservations, which made leaving a couple of days after the wedding work for us. We were also blessed with two wedding showers that provided us with what we needed to make those reservations.

Register for your Honeymoon with Traveler’s Joy!

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