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When it comes to travel, I love being prepared! Some would say overly prepared. However, this type of prep lets me avoid stress while on vacation, so I’d say it’s worth it. I’m going to let you in on how I planned our 20-Day Honeymoon Road Trip from top to bottom, and the tool I used that made my life so much easier.

Know Where You Want to Go!

The first thing to do when planning a long road trip is to decide which direction you will go and make a list of all the stops you would like to make along the way. We already had an idea of where we wanted to go after multiple discussions about my spending summers visiting my grandparents on the west coast growing up. This trip would hold a lot of meaning for both of us not only because it’s our honeymoon, but knowing I get to share my life experiences with my new husband!

The next thing to figure out is how long you plan to travel, the dates of your trip (if you know them), or even the time of year. The more parameters you can add to your starting information the better. Once you know how long you will be on the road you can consider how long you would like to spend at each stop’s destination.

Once we decided on our main stops I mapped them out in Google Maps and bookmarked them for later. One great thing about Google Maps is you can create different categories for your bookmarked destinations.

Making Your Lists

Next, I compiled a master list of all the places we wanted to visit during our road trip. Don’t be shy! Dream big, you can scale back later. Think of museums, theme parks, restaurants, landmarks, etc.

After creating my master list, I considered how much time we would like to spend in each of these places. Once you have an idea of how many days you will be on the road, how long it takes to get between each destination, and how long you will be spending in each place, you can begin using your list of places to visit to fill in your itinerary.

Choosing Priorities & Making Cuts

Once I have my lists and an idea of how we should spend our time, I either narrow down my decisions or add more places to visit or time spent in each destination. Using your master list, start filling in your itinerary!

While you fill in your itinerary, you will start to become more familiar with how many things you can realistically get done during your vacation, and start to scale back accordingly.

Pro Tip: Instead of completely discarding things you might not have time for, keep them in a separate list of “alternates.” Something else might fall through and having another option on hand will help you be flexible, and avoid disappointment.

Tie a Bow on it!

You know where you are going, what you want to do, and for how long. Now all you have to do is add final touches to your itinerary, and start making your reservations.

I have designed a Trello board tailored to road-trip planning that really comes in handy, not only during the planning process but during your trip as well. Download the Trello app and keep your itinerary in the palm of your hand. The flexibility alone allows for quick changes without the hassle of starting over.

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