How to Camp in Absolute Comfort for a Relaxing Vacation!

Turn an Average Camping Trip into Glamping with These Must-Haves!

If you had talked to me in my twenties, I would not have been concerned about my comfort level on the road. But, now that I am in my thirties, I can honestly say comfort is key to a relaxing vacation. You don’t necessarily need to be “outdoorsy” to enjoy a camping trip, especially when you decide to forgo the need to “rough it,” and instead, make it your own!

As an avid ‘Parks and Recreation’ binge-watcher, I believe in a “treat yo’ self” mentality when on vacation, within reason, of course. So I’m sharing all my favorite luxuries to turn your average camping trip into a glamping trip, not to mention make camping life easier. I’m not claiming to be an expert, but I truly believe you can make camping your own with the right tools and information.

First, since you have committed to luxury camping, my suggestion is to find campgrounds that fit your needs. For example, great views, running water, clean bathrooms, and even recreational activities on the property. There are tons of great campgrounds out there, but you will need to do some research. Once you know where you will be relaxing, it’s time to gear up!

Jackery Generator

First things first, do yourself a favor and bring the power with you. This portable generator is not only compact and powerful, but quiet as well. You will need a reliable power source for various items throughout your trip, not just your phone.

Sleep Above Ground in a Truck Bed Tent

I highly suggest getting a truck bed tent if you have a truck. In addition to keeping your screens zipped, I particularly enjoy being off the ground avoiding any creepy crawly critters that might wander into your tent. It’s a great option for a party of two camping trips. However, if you don’t have a truck, or would prefer a traditional-style tent, here is another great tent made for comfort.!

Buy on Amazon: Truck Bed Tent

Sleep on Air with a Truck Bed Air Mattress

If you decide to go with the truck bed tent, you will need a truck bed air mattress to go with it. This one is great because it covers the wheel hubs allowing your sleep area to span the entire truck bed. Again, if you decide to go with a traditional tent, I suggest a traditional air mattress.

Buy on Amazon: Truck Bed Air Mattress

Oh So Comfy Luxury Cotton Sheets

If you are truly leaning into the glamping concept, ditch the sleeping bag. No matter which air mattress you choose, in order to really glamp it up, you will need a set of comfy soft sheets to make your nights oh so sweet!

Buy on Amazon: Luxury Sheets

Sleep in a Cloud of Quality Comforter!

Now that you have committed to the glamping lifestyle, and ditched the sleeping bag, you will still want an amazing comforter to keep you warm at night. If you prefer something a bit more outdoor-ready, try this great camping blanket instead. Either way, you’ll want to make sure you vent out your tent in the morning to dry out any condensation that accumulates overnight/morning. Add a duvet cover to keep your comforter nice.

Buy on Amazon: All Seasons Comforter

Top Off Your Sleep Throne with Plush Pillows

Now that you have your sheets and comforter, complete your bedding set with a pair of soft pillows to rest your head on each night. I don’t know about you, but a great pillow always helps me sleep like a baby.

Buy on Amazon: Pillows

Cold Nights Call for a Heated Blanket

Depending on when and where you are camping, you’ll want to prepare for anything from light chilly nights to frigid weather with a nice heated blanket. This is one of the various items that you will benefit from if you have a portable generator on hand.

Buy on Amazon: Heated Blanket

Settle in with an Outdoor Rug for Lounging

Keep the dirt outside! In order to keep your tent nice and clean, treat yourself to a great outdoor rug to help keep that extra dirt from making its way into your sleep space. Place it outside your tent and have a great spot to take off your shoes before climbing in for the night.

Buy on Amazon: Outdoor Rug

Kick Back in a Pod Rocker

Kick back, relax, and enjoy the view or sit around the fire. Don’t settle for the basic outdoor folding chairs when you can lounge in a Pod Rocker or a traditional style Outdoor Freestyle Rocker. These will not only come in handy on our camping vacation but take them anywhere you need a folding chair, a sporting event, or your friend’s backyard, the possibilities are endless! Guaranteed to cause folding chair envy!

Buy on Amazon: Pod Rocker

Bring the Music with a Portable Speaker

Groove to the music, with this handy little speaker, not only great for your campsite but goes with you anywhere. Clip it to your backpack, and take it on a hike. This speaker is compact and powerful for enjoyment wherever you go!

Buy on Amazon: JBL Speaker

Grill On-the-Go

Take your outdoor eats to the next level and grill on the go with this portable charcoal grill. Complete the set with a convenient carrying case with pockets for your tools, oils, and spices.

Buy on Amazon: Weber Portable Grill

Convenient Cookware

Round Out Your Outdoor Kitchen with a camping cookware set that’s not only functional but compact. Don’t limit your culinary capabilities! Don’t forget the cooking tools and utensils!

Buy on Amazon: Camping Cookware Set

Keep All Your Belongings Safe on the Road

If you are traveling in your truck and want to make sure your supplies are nice and secure I highly suggest investing in a truck bed cover. Not only for weather protection but for peace of mind.

Buy on Amazon: Truck Bed Cover

We all have different comfort levels when we travel, especially when it comes to camping and road-tripping. No matter your style, you’ll find comfort in all my favorite luxuries that will turn your average camping trip into a glamping trip. I hope you found this helpful. Good luck on your next adventure, and safe travel y’all!

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