Designed by JW

Hi y’all, I want to introduce myself and give you a bit of background about me. My name is Jillian Wolpman, and I put the “JW” in Designed by JW. I am a blogger, social media consultant, and travel expert.

I have learned a lot throughout the years. I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in advertising with a minor in art and design. I have always enjoyed creative endeavors, which ultimately led me to start a business with multiple facets.

As a blogger and travel expert, I get to inspire my readers by sharing exciting experiences and strategies that help make my life less chaotic. Throughout my life, I have been to 24 states and 8 countries. I have taken planes, trains, and automobiles. I have been through and learned from the good, the bad, and the ugly. I hope to encourage my readers to not only live life to the fullest but give themselves the gift of experience through travel.

As a social media consultant, I work with clients on designing personalized social media calendars that encourage creativity and productivity for themselves, or businesses, as well as help them hone in on their brand voice through a well-designed media kit. If clients prefer to entirely go it alone, I sell planner pages, social media strategy templates, and brand media kit templates to help guide their process.

It’s taken some time and soul searching along the way to find the courage to discover and pursue my dreams. I have had my ups and downs while working towards my ultimate goal, to help people bring organization, creativity, and excitement to their lives, personally and professionally.

That Chaos Coordinator Life

A lifestyle blog where you will find inspiration for organizing different aspects of life. From travel vacations and home organization to simply (or not so simply) organizing your mind, you will find tips and tools you can use to help with the chaos that surrounds our daily lives.

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